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This assists to create a higher amount of areas for the individual and the surroundings to investigate. Trees act as a vital source of air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution. Tree mortality is responsible for the loss of many forms of wildlife. Trees are believed to make 70% of the earth’s oxygen, 70% of the world’s soil and make 50% of the world’s total oxygen. The world is losing 50% of their trees each year. If current rates continue, there will be no trees left on the planet within 10 years. Consequences of deforestation Deforestation causes changes in the climate of the planet. This results in a negative environmental impact, which may have numerous implications for the ecosystem. If deforestation continues, the biodiversity of the planet is in danger of becoming severely decreased. This in turn causes the ecosystem to be damaged due to a number of consequences. This is done when trees and other vegetation are cut down, either intentionally or accidentally. In order to protect the environment, the government must take a stand in order to protect the habitat of the planet. There are several consequences of the disappearance of trees. These include the decrease of oxygen, the loss of soil, soil erosion, decreased rainfall and changes in the atmospheric pressure. It is also possible to have more frequent and severe storms and an increase in earthquakes. Moreover, there is the danger of the spread of pests, fires, and soil erosion due to the loss of vegetation. If the world tree were to be lost, the oxygen concentration would be decreased by a significant amount. This would cause a rise in the blood of carbon dioxide, causing the atmosphere to become more concentrated. This will make it harder to breathe for human beings and animals. This also increases the danger for plant and animal life by limiting the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. It can also decrease soil production, which could affect agricultural production and the food supply. This could also affect precipitation because the amount of rainfall will be significantly reduced. Trees are the primary source of oxygen for the earth. Without trees, the plant life will be affected. If the trees are removed, they will be necessary to protect the environment, so that the plant and animal life will not be affected. Also, if trees are removed, there will be more soil erosion, which is the loss of soil due to wind and water. This will cause landslides and the changes of the climate because it would affect the air quality. This will make it




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FS2004 - FSX - Natural World Trees Hack Torrent netadea

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